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Bridget Kendall with Prof Dianna Bowles

Bridget Kendall talks to Prof Dianna Bowles about her work developing ways in which biology can benefit society and her second string, the benefit she has bought to Herdwick sheep.

Bridget Kendall has never liked to pigeon hole people and in her series of One to One she talks to those who are known in one particular field but have a second string to their bow, an expertise in a very different field. As a special treat, for today's programme Bridget's out in the Yorkshire Dales near Middlesmoor to meet Prof Dianna Bowles, an eminent plant biochemist who's spent much of her career investigating how biology can benefit society. She's also an enthusiastic owner of an expanding flock of Herdwick sheep and when Foot and Mouth struck in 2001, her two passions came together as she fought, with other breeders, to protect the future of the breed. While science, in some ways connects the two interests, it is above all the joy Dianna finds in both activities that unites them.
Producer: Lucy Lunt.

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  • Tue 14 Feb 2012 09:30

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