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Episode 3

Episode 3 of 6

Drama series about a group of con artists. The gang plan an inheritance scam to bring down their latest mark, but are unaware that they're being targeted by corrupt cop DI Fisk.

The gang are on a high after finishing a successful con on a night club owner but their celebration seems premature when, a short while later, corrupt policeman DI Fisk meets with one of his underworld contacts who has a task for him - get Mickey Stone.

Unaware that they're now being targeted by Fisk, Mickey and the gang move on to their next mark - Linda Runcorn, the corrupt owner of an online travel guide. When Mickey learns that Linda's rich grandmother had been disinherited, leaving Linda with only a prized bracelet, they decide upon an inheritance scam. They'll pretend to be an heir hunting firm and approach Linda with the news that she's about to receive a huge inheritance. To convince her they'll show a matching bracelet, supposedly found amongst her dead relative's things.

Meanwhile Fisk arrests Sean's former girlfriend and pickpocket, Kat, on false charges and insists she infiltrate the group to spy on the con. Single mother Kat has no choice but to agree and, playing down on her luck, she entices Sean to let her help, reporting back to Fisk on their plans. Sean convinces Mickey to let Kat assist Emma with the switch, unaware that Fisk has demanded Kat plant drugs in Emma's case. As the meeting ends Emma is arrested and Sean is devastated.

Fisk's next step is to offer Mickey a deal - Emma's freedom in exchange for payment. But Mickey suspects correctly that Fisk is trying to arrest him for bribing a police officer and refuses. Frustrated by Mickey's refusal, Fisk offers a distraught Sean a deal - give up Mickey and Emma will go free. Is Sean about to betray Mickey and send him to jail? This may be one police trap that Mickey can't escape...

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Fri 27 Jan 2012 21:00


Role Contributor
Mickey Stone Adrian Lester
Albert Stroller Robert Vaughn
Ash Morgan Robert Glenister
Sean Kennedy Matt Di Angelo
Emma Kennedy Kelly Adams
Eddie Rob Jarvis
DI Sid Fisk Patrick Baladi
Linda Runcorn Nina Sosanya
Kat Farmer Skye Lourie
DCI Angela Wainwright Sophie Ward
DS Loach Lloyd Hutchinson
Seedy Bob Phil Cornwell
Sheldon Greyshot Martin Wimbush
Man in Dark Suit Carl McCrystal
Tall Man Nicholas Boulton
Writer Ryan Craig
Producer Jane Hudson
Director Roger Goldby