Domesday Reloaded: How Britain Has Changed

As we reach the end of the Domesday Reloaded project, Prof Danny Dorling compares the 2011 and 1986 views of the UK to give a unique insight into how the country has changed in the last 25 years.

Since March 27th 2011, the public have been updating a repository of 24,000 photographs, taken for the BBC's Domesday project in 1986. Danny picks four areas in which to explore the transformations of the UK. He visits these places and talks to the individuals who have updated the squares about their lives and experience of the way that their locality has changed.

One theme Danny explores is the disappearance of an industrial landscape since the 1980s. He looks at Sheffield, where he is Professor of Human Geography, to explore how this once steel town has benefitted from the expansion of higher education to become a centre of student life.

He also looks at aspects of life that haven't changed in a quarter of a century, such as the pantomime in the Scottish village of Buchlyvie. The residents were keen contributors to the 1986 Domesday project and they have updated their square in 2011.

Producer: Alex Mansfield.

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Fri 6 Jul 2018 01:30

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