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Women and the Leveson Enquiry. Is IVF Overpriced? Alternatives to Prison for Female Offenders. Breast Awareness

Overcharging for fertility treatment, the Leveson Enquiry and women in the media, and new alternatives to prison for female offenders. Presented by Jenni Murray.

Over-priced fertility treatment - should there be limits on how much private clinics can charge? Will the Leveson Enquiry look into how women are portrayed in the media as part of its review? New alternatives to prison for female offenders and breast awareness - what should you do to check for cancer? Presented by Jenni Murray.

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58 minutes


  • Leveson and the media

    Sarah Green and Roy Greenslade join Jenni Murray in the studio to explore whether the Leveson inquiry will change the way women are portrayed in the media.

    Duration: 12:07

  • Breast Awareness

    We find out what the Department of Health recommends and the latest advice from Breast Cancer Care.

    Duration: 06:29

  • How effective are Women's Centres?

    How effective and vital is the work of Women's Centres as an alternative to prison for vulnerable women? Jenni talks to Baroness Corston.

    Duration: 11:04

  • Is IVF too expensive?

    Sierra Leone has the dubious label of having the worst rate of maternal mortality in the world. Kati Whitaker investigates what is being done to combat the problem.

    Duration: 12:26


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