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The Hunt for the Higgs: A Horizon Special

Topical science series. Horizon goes behind the scenes at CERN to follow the hunt for the Higgs particle, itself part of a much grander investigation into how the universe works.

Horizon goes behind the scenes at CERN to follow one of the most epic and expensive scientific quests of all time: the search for the Higgs particle, believed to give mass to everything in our universe.

However, the hunt for Higgs is part of a much grander search for how the universe works. It promises to help answer questions like why we exist and is a vital part of a Grand Unified Theory of nature. At the heart of the pursuit of the elusive particle is the same feature that makes snowflakes beautiful and human faces attractive: the simple and enchanting idea of symmetry.

1 hour


Role Contributor
Presenter Jim Al-Khalili
Director Gaby Hornsby
Producer Gaby Hornsby
Series Editor Aidan Laverty