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Kate Adie hosts despatches from correspondents on the island of Giglio in Italy, Libya, Ecuador, China and India.

The women are in charge -- and the men don't seem to be doing much about it. Timothy Allen tells us that's the position in one of the states in northern India where a nascent men's liberation movement is having little impact. Mark Lowen is in Libya where one of the biggest problems facing that country's new rulers is disarming the many fighters whose efforts helped overthrow the dictator Colonel Gaddafi. One of the consequences of China's big migration, from country to town, is rising tension in some of the city areas where the migrants have set up home - Mukul Devichand's been investigating in the southern city of Guangzhou and Nick Haslam has been to Ecuador finding out who's expected to pick up the bill when the developed world asks a developing country to forgo economic growth in favour of the world's environment.

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  • Introduction

    Duration: 00:26

  • Cruise liner crash shatters island tranquality

    As the rescue efforts continue on the Costa Concordia, Alan Johnston visits the sleepy holiday island of Giglio which is at the epicentre of the disaster zone.

    Duration: 05:10

  • Waiting for the scars of division to heal

    Mark Lowen finds a growing impatience with the pace of change in Libya and fear for the future among those who supported the former regime.

    Duration: 05:28

  • Rising protests in urban Southern China

    Tension turns to violence and strikes as city dwellers outnumber those living in the coutryide for the first time. Mukul Devichand reports from Guangzhou.

    Duration: 04:41

  • Race to save 'lungs of the world'

    Time is running out to raise the funding required to develop new sustainable energy programmes that would halt proposed oil drilling in Yasuni National Park in Ecuador.

    Duration: 05:08

  • Meghalaya, India: Where men fight for equal rights

    Timothy Allen visits the east Indian state of Meghalaya where he finds it is the men who are demanding equality.

    Duration: 05:50


  • Thu 19 Jan 2012 11:00