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More trouble is brewing over the regulation of medical implants; Olympics and sex trafficking; and would the British benefit from adopting a more French style of parenting?

A growing number of women are reporting complications associated with an implant designed to help with Stress Urinary Incontinence. How safe are they and what information's needed if you are considering having one fitted?

The Olympics and sex trafficking. What expectation and evidence is there that there's likely to be any significant effect on the area around Stratford and the Olympic site?

Why Ghana is currently experiencing a reduction in the number of female members of parliament. With primaries taking place leading up to the election, gender equality is emerging as a hot topic.

Would the British benefit from adopting a more French style of parenting? A new book 'French Children Don't Throw Food', asks how the French, manage to raise children who are not picky eaters, do not throw tantrums, and play quietly.

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  • Urinary Incontinence and Transvaginal Tape

    Jenni is joined by Mark Slack; Head of Urogynaecology, Addenbrookes' Hospital and Liz Reece; who experienced complications with TVT.

    Duration: 10:15

  • Parenting the French Way

    Would the British benefit from adopting a more French style of parenting? Jenni is joined by author Pamela Druckerman and Marie Pascal, a French parent living in London.

    Duration: 09:41

  • Ghana Women in Politics

    Felicity Finch visits Ghana's capital, Accra to meet some of the women at the centre of political life.

    Duration: 12:21

  • Olympics Sex Workers

    Jenni talks to Julie Bindel, the feminist journalist and campaigner, and to Georgina Perry, an NHS manager for sex workers about what affect the Olympic Games might have on sex trafficking.

    Duration: 09:19


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