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Peter White meets actor Ryan Kelly - Jazzer in The Archers. 27/12/2011

Blind actor Ryan Kelly, who plays Jazzer in The Archers, talks to Peter White about his acting career and how he approaches the role of a sighted character.

Actor Ryan Kelly is blind and probably best known for playing the part of Jazzer in The Archers. Landing the role was a dream come true, as he was an avid listener even as a child and one of his heroes was Carole Boyd (who plays Lynda Snell).
Encouraged to pursue an acting career by his drama teacher at the Royal National College in Hereford, he went on to become the first blind student to be accepted at the Bristol Old Vic.

He talks to Peter White about the way he deals with learning lines and navigating the recording studios and his approach to playing a sighted character - and shows that his time as a busker playing the accordion was not wasted.

Producer Cheryl Gabriel.
Presenter Peter White.

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  • Tue 27 Dec 2011 20:40

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