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Greece: Broken Marble, Broken Future

...Future: Writer Maria Margaronis revisits her beloved Greece where, amid the strikes and the tear gas, she hears from Greeks living with their country's spiralling crisis.

Modern Greece has lived through the Asia Minor disaster of 1922, Axis occupation in 1940s, civil war and military dictatorship. But in those critical times there was at least an enemy, a cause and the belief that popular action could bring about significant change. But the current national crisis feel different. Different every day, different every week, different every month.

As the most recent 48 hour national strike gripped the nation, the writer Maria Margaronis navigated her way through her beloved country to hear - above the din of protest and the hiss of the tear gas - those voices trying to make sense of this spiralling crisis in Athens and in the mountains and villages beyond.

Prod: Mark Burman.

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Sun 11 Dec 2011 17:00