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Docile Bees and Solar Panels

Bee keepers have bred honey bees to be docile and easy to keep. But has this process also threatened their existence by making them weaker and less resilient? With Richard Daniel.

We have abundant energy trapped deep beneath our feet in the hot rocks of the Earth's crust. Why then have we not exploited this resource more widely. Should we be investing in this relatively untapped form of renewable energy. And staying with renewable energy, have new developments in solar panels really improved them to a point where they are a reliable and economical way of generating electricity. Should we be capping natural sources of carbon dioxide before considering curbing our own emissions? And we discuss two insect breeding conundrums. Should we breed butterflies artificially to boost the wild populations, and has over-breeding of honey bees resulted in feeble insects no longer able to resist natural threats and predators.

On the panel this week are Dr Ros Taylor of Kingston University; entomologist Richard Jones and Dr Nick Riley of the British Geological Survey.

The programme is presented by Richard Daniel.

Producer: Toby Murcott
A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

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