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North Carolina, USA

Two obnoxious teenagers swap their downtrodden single mums to live with the uber-strict Chinese-American Li family in North Carolina, USA.

17-year-old Georgie is rude, aggressive and selfish. She bullies her mum and always gets her own way. She is joined by 17-year-old Manchester party boy Callum, who will fail his A levels if he doesn't stop his endless boozing and drug taking.

For a week they will live under the firm discipline of the Li family. Dad Benjamin is a lawyer and Tiger Mum, Shasha, stays at home to raise their children.

The teens visit a rescue mission for former drug addicts, but Georgie doesn't want to work. At dinner that evening she presents a rosy picture of how hard she tried, but son Alex tells his parents a different story, leading to a stormy confrontation between Shasha and Georgie. Georgie refuses to apologise and relations with Tiger Mum are never repaired, but Benjamin doesn't give up and takes Georgie back to the homeless mission. There she meets Cindy, who helps Georgie realise the importance of her family.

Callum learns that recreational drug taking can lead to addiction and that he needs to concentrate on his education.

57 minutes

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Thu 8 Dec 2011 02:05