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Expat Thanksgiving, Paternity Fraud, Salisbury Choristers and Women in Business

Presented by Jenni Murray. Featuring the expat Thanksgiving break, paternity fraud - the moral and social implications, and Salisbury Cathedral girl choristers.

Presented by Jenni Murray. Talking turkey- Americans Ann Treneman and Diana Shaw Clark on celebrating the ex Pat Thanksgiving; Will high street sales of DNA kids blow the lid on paternity fraud? Public Health Director Professor Mark Bellis and medical ethics lecturer Dr Anna Smajdor look at the moral and social issues; Making the move from the public to the private sector - how easy is it for women to adjust? Ex head teacher Liz Marsden set up her own business and discusses the pros and cons with Jenni and Professor of Work Psychology Marilyn Davidson , plus hitting the high notes with the Salisbury Cathedral girl choristers celebrating 20 years of a choral education.

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  • Paternity fraud

    Will high street and cheap internet sales of DNA kits, blow the lid on Paternity Fraud? Prof Mark Bellis. Liverpool John Moores University and Dr Anna Smajdor, University of East Anglia discuss.

    Duration: 12:51

  • Thanksgiving

    How do Americans in the UK celebrate Thanksgiving, that most potent symbols of hearth and home? Jenni talks to The Times sketch writer Ann Treneman and food writer Diana Shaw Clark.

    Duration: 09:12

  • Salisbury Choristers

    Twenty years ago Salisbury Cathedral took what was considered a radical decision. A foundation was set up for the training and education of choir girls. Fiona Clampin reports.

    Duration: 10:00

  • From public to the private sector

    How easy is it to jump ship from the public sector and work in private businesses? Marilyn Davidson and Liz Marsden discuss.

    Duration: 09:20


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