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Orchids, Legal Aid cuts, Victoria and Albert

Orchids: The history of this exotic house plant, and stories of female friendship. Presented by Jane Garvey.

Orchids - the history of this exotic house plant. How stories of women's friendship will be told in a new programme. The death of Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert was to change the monarchy - we hear from two historians. Cutbacks to legal aid and how women will be affected. Presented by Jane Garvey.

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45 minutes


  • Legal Aid

    Jane is joined by Nicola Harwin from Women’s Aid, and Emma Scott, Director of Rights of Women, to discuss proposed cuts to legal aid.

    Duration: 10:13

  • Friendship

    Elizabeth Burke wants your stories about friendship for a special programme on Radio4 in January.

    Duration: 08:28

  • Brenda Parker Way

    Fiona Clampin visits a new 78-mile trail in Hampshire, which has been set up in memory of a rambling campaigner.

    Duration: 06:20

  • Victoria and Albert

    Jane is joined by historian Helen Rappaport and Dr John Plunkett from Exeter University, to talk about the impact of Prince Albert's death on Queen Victoria.

    Duration: 09:13

  • Orchids

    Kew Gardens’ orchid expert, Lara Jewitt, joins Jane to discuss why we are so obsessed with the world’s largest flowering plant.

    Duration: 06:13


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