Who Cares for Dadi-Ma?

Konnie Huq explores if we are doing more harm than good by sticking to our traditional ways - are our Asian elderly actually being neglected while living in homes with extended family. A recent study by Brunel University found that all the Asian elderly they spoke to insisted on being cared for at home by their family and were reluctant to access any professional care and help insisting it was the duty of the family. However, insisting on this traditional way, it can mean our Asian elderly are left lonely, isolated, and in some cases, it can seriously damage their health- leading to condition like depression. Kishore's mum needed full time care he made the radical decision to put her in a full time residential home he says " I know people talk behind my back but by keeping our parents at home you can't give them the time and care they need and you may even end up shortening their life".

Presenter : Konnie Huq
Producer : Kalpana Boodhoo & Perminder Khatkar.

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Mon 17 Oct 2011 18:00

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