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Ann Savoy was raised to be a 'southern lady' but the wild freedom she found in Cajun music lured her to the prairies of Louisiana.

Five portraits of people who relocated to other countries, influenced by music.

We join Ann Savoy cooking up some chicken sauce piquant in the kitchen of her traditional Arcadian home in Eunice, Louisiana, in the heart of Cajun country.

Ann was born in Richmond, Virginia and was raised to be a 'southern lady'. But her love for the wild freedom she found in Cajun music drew her to relocate to the Deep South and the prairies of south-western Louisiana - an area which she describes as 'Virginia blown to smithereens'. There, alongside her husband Marc Savoy (who hails from a Cajun family with many generations of musicians), Ann earned her stripes by playing Cajun guitar for hours at all-night parties out on the bayou, while gumbo bubbled away in trash cans. She also began documenting the old-time Cajun musicians and their way of life, interviewing some of the greats like Dennis McGee and Wade Fruge, whilst also raising a family who are now forming the new generation of Cajun musicians.

Producer: Rachel Hopkin
A Falling Tree Production for BBC Radio 4.

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