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Sex education, men's haircuts, Aruna Roy, retelling war & Liverpool's Turnaround Project

With Sheila McClennon. How much will a man pay for a haircut?; the rights of India's rural poor; the impact of war on civilian life; and women offenders turn their lives around.

Presented by Sheila McClennon. A snip at half the price - how much will a man pay for a haircut? Is sex education in schools failing pupils? A new survey shows nearly half of secondary school pupils think their school's Sex and Relationships Education does not meet their needs. Social Activist, Aruna Roy, is best known for her campaigns to better the lives of the rural poor in India. She organised a campaign which resulted in the Right to Information Act, and she explains how it's helping to fight corruption at all levels of Indian society. Writers, Zoe Lambert and Michelle Green, have both drawn on personal experience to explore how war impacts on civilian life. But how do you convey the realism of war without glorifying it? And, the project helping women offenders to turn their lives around.

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  • Sex Education in Schools

    Is sex education in schools failing pupils? Sheila is joined by Dave Kitchen; teacher and NASUWT Secretary for Trafford and by Jane Lees, Chair of the Sex Education Forum.

    Duration: 09:11

  • Liverpool Women's Turnaround Project

    The project helping women offenders to turn their lives around.

    Duration: 09:59

  • Men's haircuts

    How much will a man pay to get his hair cut? Reporter Geoff Bird went to find out.

    Duration: 05:29

  • Re-telling war

    How do you convey the casual horror of war in fiction without glorifying or sensationalising it? With writers Zoe Lambert and Michelle Green.

    Duration: 09:06

  • Aruna Roy

    Sheila is joined by the prominent Indian social and political activist.

    Duration: 07:14


  • Fri 14 Oct 2011 10:00

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