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Barney Wilen

Alyn Shipton is joined by Tom Perchard to explore the recorded repertoire of French saxophonist Barney Wilen, who is best known for his 1950s recordings with Miles Davis.

The French saxophonist Barney Wilen is best known for his 1950s recordings with Miles Davis, on the score for Louis Malle's film "Lift to the Scaffold". But his work is much wider than this. After growing up in America, he fitted naturally into groups led by the drummer Roy Haynes, Art Blakey and Kenny Clarke. But he was also a towering figure in his own country's music, pioneering both jazz rock and world music influences on jazz. Tom Perchard joins Alyn Shipton to explore the high points in Wilen's recorded repertoire.

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Sun 25 Sep 2011 00:00

Music Played

  • Roy Haynes

    Minor Encamp (AKA Jordu)

    Composer: Duke Jordan Performers: Barney Wilen, ts; Jay Cameron, bs; Henri Renaud, p; Jimmy Gourley, g; Joe Benjamin, b; Roy Haynes, d. October 26, 1954.

    • The 1954 Sessions.
    • Vogue Jazz..
    • 2111512-2.
  • Barney Wilen

    BBB (Bag's Barney Blues)

    Composer: Barney Wilen Performers: Barney Wilen, ts; Milt Jackson , p; Percy Heath, b; Kenny Clarke, d. February 13/14, 1958.

    • Jazz sur Seine.
    • Universal (France) / Emarcy.
    • 0602498420027.
  • Charlie Parker's Reboppers

    Au Bar du Petit Bac

    Composer: Miles Davis Performers: Miles Davis, t; Barney Wilen, ts; René Urtreger, p; Pierre Michelot, b; Kenny Clarke, d. December 4/5 1957.

    • Ascenseur pour l’échafaud.
    • Fontana.
    • 660213.
  • Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers

    Bouncing with Bud

    Composer: Bud Powell Performers: Lee Morgan, t; Barney Wilen, as; Wayne Shorter, ts; Bud Powell, p; Jymie Merritt, b; Art Blakey, d. December 18, 1959.

    • Paris Jam Session.
    • Universal (France) / Emarcy.
    • 788972.
  • Bud Powell

    How High the Moon

    Composer: Lewis / Hamilton Performers: Dizzy Gillespie, t; Barney Wilen, ts; Bud Powell, p; Pierre Michelot, b; Kenny Clarke, d. Jul 1960.

    • Paris Sessions.
    • Pablo.
    • 2310972.
  • Irene Schweitzer


    Composer: Diwan Motihar Performers: Manfred Schoof, t; Barney Wilen, ss; Irene Schweitzer, p; Uli Trepte, b; Mani Neumaier, d; Diwan Montihar, sitar, vox; Keshav Sathe, tabla; Kusum Thakur, tamboura. December 23, 1967.

    • Jazz Meets India.
    • Promising Music.
    • 001.
  • Barney Wilen and his Amazing Free Rock Band:

    Dear Prof. Leary

    Composer: Barney Wilen Performers: Barney Wilen ,ts, ss; Joachim Kühn, p, org; Mimi Lorenzini, g; Günther Lenz ,b, el. B; Aldo Romano, d; Wolfgang Paap, d. June 27/28, 1968. Originally out on MPS.

    • Dear Prof. Leary..
    • MP Classics.
    • 441062.
  • Barney Wilen

    Tindi Abalessa

    Composer: Barney Wilen Performers: Barney Wilen, ts; Michel Graillier, el. p; Pierre Chaze, g; Christian Tritsch, el. b; Micheline Pelzer, d; Didier Leon (takamba, oud), Caroline de Bendern, Marva Broome, Babeth Lamy, Laurence (vocal). May / June 1971.

    • Moshi.
    • Media 7.
    • 35.
  • Barney Wilen

    No Problem (L'Habit de Lumière)

    Composer: Duke Jordan Performers: Barney Wilen, ts; Philippe Petit, g; Alain Jean-Mari, p; Ricardo Del Fra, b; Sangoma Everett, d. November / December 1986.

    • La Note bleue.
    • IDA.
    • CD010.
  • Barney Wilen


    Composer: Djalma Ferreira Performers: Barney Wilen, ts; Philip Catherine, g; Palle Danielsson, b. Jan 26/28 1991.

    • Sanctuary.
    • IDA.
    • CD 029.
  • Barney Wilen

    I Can't Get Started

    Composer: Duke / Gershwin Performers: Barney Wilen ,ss, ts, bs; Laurent de Wilde, p, celesta; Ira Coleman, b; Billy Drummond, d. April 24/5 1993.

    • Talisman.
    • IDA.
    • CD 037.
  • Barney Wilen


    Composer: Tizol / Ellington/ Mills Performers: Barney Wilen, ts; Emmanuel Bex, org; Peter Gritz, d. October 5/7 1993.

    • Inside Nitty Gritty.
    • Venus (Japan) / Tokuma.
    • TKCV 79021.