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Women in Aviation. Hilda Hewlett - the first British woman to get a pilot's licence. What happened to Amelia Earhart? Astronaut Cady Coleman and Wing Commander Sara Mackmin.

Bank Holiday Special: Women in Aviation. To celebrate the fact that Hilda Hewlett became the first British woman to receive a pilot's licence 100 years today, Jenni Murray presents a programme featuring some of the women who have made important contributions to the world of flying over the last century. She is joined by Gail Hewlett - Hilda's biographer - and by Caroline Gough-Cooper [Chairman of the British Women Pilot's Association].

Also on the programme: What happened to Amelia Earhart? Jenni interviews Ric Gillespie - the man who has spent 23 years trying to track down evidence that the world's most famous female flyer died a castaway on a Pacific Island.

Other guests: Astronaut Cady Coleman who returned from a five month tour of duty on the international space station in May and Wing Commander Sara Machmin - a helicopter pilot who is in charge of three search and rescue teams.

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45 minutes


  • Hilda Hewlett and the early British female flyers

    Biographer Gail Hewlett and British Women Pilots’ Association's Caroline Gough-Cooper discuss the flying pioneer.

    Duration: 12:20

  • Looking for Amelia Earhart

    Aviation archaeologist Ric Gillespie and the Smithsonian Institution's Dr Tom Crouch on what happened to the aviation icon.

    Duration: 09:50

  • Astronaut Cady Coleman

    NASA's Colonel Catherine ‘Cady’ Coleman chats to Jenni about her career.

    Duration: 09:23

  • Female Pilots Today

    Wing Commander Sara Mackmin and Caroline Gough Cooper, a former airline pilot, on why few women fly for a living.

    Duration: 09:47


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