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Women in Libya; Tammy Weis; Why We Talk Differently

Presented by Jenni Murray. As Anne Hathaway's new film One Day opens, can a beautiful woman play a plain one? Women in Libya. Why men and women talk differently. And Canadian jazz singer, Tammy Weis, performs live in the studio.

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  • Women in Libya

    As heavy fighting continues in Tripoli what is the likely future for women in the country? Jenni talks to with Journalist Nabila Ramdani & Jane Kinninmont of the foreign affairs centre Chatham House.

    Duration: 08:23

  • Duels and Duets

    Do men and women talk differently? Jenni speaks to Professor John Locke, author of 'Duels and Duets’ and Dr Kerstin Hoge, lecturer in German linguistics at the University of Oxford.

    Duration: 10:01

  • Andi Osho: All the Single Ladies

    At her show at Edinburgh she invites somebody from the audience to go on a date with her; and reflects on her 3 years without a partner and the challenges of being single.

    Duration: 05:03

  • Tammy Weis

    The Canadian jazz musician Tammy Weis joins Jenni to talk about her musical inspirations and performs the track I Pretended from her album, Where I Need to Be.

    Duration: 08:58

  • Can a beautiful woman play a plain one?

    As the film ‘One Day’ opens with Anne Hathaway as Emma Morley, actress Haydn Gwynne, & film writer, Karen Krizanovich discuss how a beautiful actress plays a plain character.

    Duration: 09:20


  • Wed 24 Aug 2011 10:00

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