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Tuition fee rises and women, Actress Tara Fitzgerald

The language of flowers for the Victorians. Will tuition fee rises disproportionately affect the number of women going to university? Actress Tara Fitzgerald, on her starring role in Arthur Miller's play Broken Glass; and the stately home of Jane Carlyle.

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  • Women and Tuition Fees

    How much does the rising cost of tuition fees impact on women? Jenni is joined by Estelle Hart, National Women's Office for the NUS and Pam Tatlow, Chief Exec of University think-tank Million Plus

    Duration: 08:52

  • Jane Carlyle

    Reporter Louise Adamson visits the Chelsea home of the Victorian writer Thomas Carlye and his wife Jane Welsh Carlyle which is now owned by the National Trust

    Duration: 13:53

  • Tara Fitzgerald

    Jenni is joined by actress Tara Fitzgerald. She's currently playing the part of Sylvia Gellburg in Arthur Miller's play Broken Glass at the Tricycle Theatre, London

    Duration: 09:23

  • The Language of Flowers

    Jenni is joined by Vanessa Diffenbaugh, author of "The Language of Flowers" and by Katja Robinson, who teaches Victorian art adult education classes at the University of Edinburgh.

    Duration: 09:33


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