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Prom 36 - Steve Reich and Ensemble Modern

Steve Reich performs his own works with Ensemble Modern in celebration of his 75th birthday. Featuring Clapping Music, Electric Counterpoint and Music for 18 Musicians.


Live from the Royal Albert Hall, London

Presented by Andrew McGregor

Steve Reich brings his distinctive and pioneering style to the Proms, in celebration of his 75th birthday this year. His hypnotic rhythms and elements taken from jazz and non-Western traditions produce some ravishing music.

Clapping Music shows off the percussive abilities of two people who make music with nothing but their own bodies. In Electric Counterpoint a single electric guitarist builds up alluring layers of sound with a multiple guitar soundtrack.

Music for 18 Musicians is a seminal piece from the 1970s and one of Reich's best-known works. The exotic colours and percussive textures are very striking, as is the unusual ensemble, featuring multiple pianos, marimbas and xylophones. It is a work Reich himself is still very satisfied with, and its enduring nature has led to many contemporary electronica artists sampling it today.

Steve Reich:
Clapping Music
Electric Counterpoint
Music for 18 Musicians

Steve Reich (percussion, piano)
Mats Bergström (guitar)
Synergy Vocals
Ensemble Modern.

1 hour, 30 minutes

Music Played

  • Steve Reich

    Clapping music for 2 musicians [clapping or woodblocks]

    Conductor: Steve Reich Performer: Ensemble Modern

  • Steve Reich

    Electric counterpoint for 13 guitars [1 live & 12 on tape]

    Performer: Mats Bergstrom - Guitar

  • Steve Reich

    Music for 18 musicians

    Conductor: Steve Reich Performer: Ensemble Modern Performer: Synergy Vocals


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