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Olympic Journey

With Peter White. A loophole in the Package Travel Regulations, the councils clamping down on free leafleting and a look inside US fashion giant Forever 21's new flagship store.

The Association of Independent Tour Operators say a loophole in the Package Travel Regulations means they're not fit for purpose.

We hear how one council clamped down on free leafleting in its shopping areas,. But has reducing the litter also reduced the vibrancy of their town?

Plus deaf comedian Steve Day gives his assessment of the Olympic journey from Heathrow to Stratford.

And the US fashion giant 'Forever 21' has opened its flagship store in London's Oxford Street. They offer cheap fashion to the young but also a dose of religion with a bible verse on every shopping bag.

Presented by Peter White. Produced by Karen Dalziel.

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57 minutes


  • Digital radio take up

    The latest Ofcom report reveals no change on the number of digital radios sold. Why?

    Duration: 07:20

  • Forever 21 - Fashion with a Message

    The US fashion chain, Forever 21, has big plans for the UK.

    Duration: 07:48

  • Hairdressing Regulation

    Calls for the compulsory registration of all hairdressers.

    Duration: 08:41

  • Leafleting Clampdown

    Councils clamp down on flyering. Litter or a liberty lost?

    Duration: 08:39

  • Association of Independent Tour Operators

    The loophole in regulations designed to protect people taking package holidays.

    Duration: 05:45

  • Olympic Journey Part 2

    How easy is it for people with disabilities to travel across London to the Olympic site?

    Duration: 13:10


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