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TV's The Hour, WI's Vulva Quilt, Anti-depressants

Abi Morgan, the writer behind what's been described as Britain's answer to Mad Men talks about her new TV drama. Presented by Jenni Murray.

The writer behind what's been described as Britain's answer to Mad Men talks about her new TV drama, The Hour. Abi Morgan discusses the inspiration for the series, set in a 1950's television newsroom. Work in schools to prevent domestic violence isn't new, but for the first time their effectiveness has been evaluated with positive results - so what's the future for such programmes? Woman's Hour meets the Shoreditch Sisters who are turning around the image of the WI with a quilt of patches featuring lovingly crafted vulvas, the highlight of their campaign against female genital mutilation. A new survey shows a third of women have taken antidepressants at some point in their lives, with nearly half taking them for five years or more. We ask whether they are too ready a solution for busy GPs. Presented by Jenni Murray.

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  • Preventing domestic violence

    Dr Claire Fox and Holly Dustin join Jenni to talk about the effectiveness of prevention programmes in changing attitudes towards domestic violence in children and young people.

    Duration: 13:40

  • Abi Morgan

    The screenwriter on her latest series, BBC2’s ‘The Hour’ - a Cold War espionage drama set in a 1956 television newsroom.

    Duration: 09:32

  • Antidepressants

    Dr Joanna Moncrieff and Dr Clare Gerada discuss whether GPs are too quick to prescribe them to women.

    Duration: 08:41

  • Shoreditch Sisters

    Arguably the trendiest WI in Britain, their latest project is a 'vulva quilt' to highlight the issue of female genital mutilation.

    Duration: 09:26


  • Mon 18 Jul 2011 10:00

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