How to get the Visual Impairment message across? 12/07/11

Peter White is joined by Sue Arnold, the Guardian's audio book reviewer, teacher Julia Hawlkins, and authors Redmond Zsell and Jane Finnis, to explore the various methods people use to get the message about being visually-impaired across.
Redmond has just written his first book 'Blind Trust' which features a main character with RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa), which is the same eye condition as the author himself.
Jane Cposey-Finnis has written four novels, none with a blind character. Jane said she'd never thought of having one, but may consider it in a future book.
Julia is about to embark on a trek in Iceland to raise money for the charity RP Fighting Blindness and said that she uses the conversations she has with people when telling them about the trek and trying to fundraise, to get her message across.

Producer Cheryl Gabriel.

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