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Episode 2

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A new phone system is causing chaos at catalogue company, Smile5. Sketch show starring Chizzy Akudolu. From June 2011.

A new phone system is causing chaos in the call centre at Smile5, the mail order catalogue company.

Eavesdrop on both sides of the bizarre, horrific and ludicrous phone calls when customers call in as events unfold with company staff.

Aleesha and other characters ..... Chizzy Akudolu
Bernie and other characters ..... Margaret-Cabourn Smith
Big Tony, Ralph and other characters ..... Colin Hoult
Sailesh, Bradley and other characters ..... Paul Sharma

Writers: James Kettle, Stephen Carlin, Andy Wolton, Colin Hoult, Madeleine Brettingham, Dale Shaw, Kevin Core, Rob Gilroy, Tom Neenan and Jon Hunter.

Script editors: James Kettle and Dan Tetsell
Producer: Tilusha Ghelani

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2011.

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About Smile5

About Smile5

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