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Kate Adie's joined by correspondents Chris Morris in Athens, Allan Little in Zagreb, Conor Woodman in Nicaragua, Reggie Nadelson in New York and JaKe Wallis Simons in Malta.

A voice from Croatia's war-torn past is recalled by Allan Little in Zagreb as the EU prepares to admit this country to full membership of the Union. Chris Morris is in Athens as Greece faces fresh hurdles in its attempts to avoid defaulting on its debt repayments. Lobsters are big business but in Nicaragua, as Conor Woodman's been hearing, catching them can be dangerous. Reggie Nadelson tells us how the price of property's soaring in Harlem, a part of New York once associated with poverty and crime. But, she wonders, is the price of development the loss of the district's soul? It's all change on the buses in Malta. Jake Wallis Simons has been finding out that the island's getting rid of its fleet of characterful and individualistic buses and replacing them with something altogether more modern and efficient. But, it seems, not all the islanders welcome the change.

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  • Introduction

    Duration: 00:25

  • Could Chinese investment rescue ailing Greece?

    Chris Morris visits the Chinese run port of Piraeus and wonders if Chinese investment could be the answer to Greece's financial crisis.

    Duration: 05:33

  • Leaving behind Croatia's troubled past

    As Croatia prepares to become the 28th EU member, Allan Little remembers one particularly bloody event in the country's war-torn past.

    Duration: 05:13

  • Diving deep with Nicaragua's lobster catchers

    Conor Woodman meets Nicaragua's lobster fisherman who risk their health and even their lives to earn a living.

    Duration: 05:02

  • Battle to keep 'Harlem's soul'

    As Harlem changes from a place of crime and poverty to a desired address, many locals fear this could be at the cost of it's unique character, as Reggie Nadelson finds.

    Duration: 05:28

  • Malta's colourful vintage buses bow out

    Malta is replacing its characterful vintage buses with a newer and more efficient model, explains Jake Wallis Simons.

    Duration: 05:55


  • Thu 23 Jun 2011 11:00