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Kate Adie hosts despatches from colleagues in Turkey, Taiwan, the Philippines, India and Italy.

The bloody events in Syria are making the government in neighbouring Turkey uneasy, as Hugh Sykes has been finding out; Chris Hogg's in Taiwan where, amid a thawing in relations with mainland China, there are businessmen who are prospering in the new climate of detente; corruption in India is now so pervasive, it reaches even the smallest country village but, as Craig Jeffrey's been hearing, it can still be a joking matter; there's a ban on divorce in the Philippines, but Kate McGeown tells us, there are ways around the ban, particularly if you have money; one of our most seasoned travellers, the reporter and presenter Robin Lustig's visited 75 countries without losing his luggage. Surely his luck can't last...?

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  • Introduction

    Duration: 00:30

  • Modern Turkey, where East meets West

    As Turkey prepares for elections and EU membership talks, the nation appears ever more divided over the future of the country, as Hugh Sykes finds.

    Duration: 05:36

  • Corruption the norm in India

    Craig Jeffrey gets acquainted with the day to day workings of Indian life.

    Duration: 05:30

  • Taiwan caters for Chinese tastes

    As China makes it easier for its citizens to visit Taiwan, Chris Hogg investigates whether the Taiwanese are impressed by Beijing's efforts to win friends.

    Duration: 05:27

  • How to split when divorce is banned

    In the Philippines, where divorce is illegal, couples are finding novel ways to end their marriages - including multiple annulments, says Kate McGeown.

    Duration: 05:06

  • Cross-dressing in Sicily

    Robin Lustig has to make-do with his wife's clothes after his luggage is lost on a recent holiday.

    Duration: 05:27


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