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A Future Lost

Episode 2 of 10

Painter Laura's skills are praised by a London artist - but her father hears bad news of his investments. Stars Gerda Stevenson.

Laura's skills as a painter are praised by a London artist - but her father receives some terrible news about his investments...

Published in 1811, Mary Brunton’s romantic tale set in Perthshire and London - dramatised in ten parts by Gerda Stevenson.

Laura Montreville is loved by two men - a reckless Libertine and a dignified but reserved landowner. In a world where polite society and sexual hypocrisy rub shoulders easily can she choose wisely between passion and virtue?

Narrated by Maureen Beattie

Hargrave ...... Andrew Wincott
Lady Harriet Montreville ...... Phyllida Law
Laura ...... Gerda Stevenson
Jeannie ...... Colette O'Neil
Montreville ...... Bernard Horsfall
Mr Foster ...... David Timson

Producer: Bruce Young

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in March 2003.

15 minutes