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How much of an appetite is there for eating rabbit farmed in the UK? And the Suffolk village where the mail is only delivered on alternate days.

How much of an appetite is there for eating rabbit farmed in the UK? Can British bunnies compete with foreign imports on quality and price?

And we find out why one Suffolk village get its mail delivered on alternate days only.

Plus, how one American entrepreneur is advising the government on how to get the long-term unemployed back to work.

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  • Which? 1

    The consumer campaign group's new executive director explains how Which? plans to fill the gap left by the government body, Consumer Focus, which disappears in 2013.

    Duration: 07:03

  • Olympics tickets payment

    From tomorrow money can be taken from your account to pay for your allocated Olympics tickets.

    Duration: 02:16

  • Royal Mail

    Residents in one Suffolk village say they are paying for a first-class mail service but getting only second-class delivery.

    Duration: 08:18

  • Rabbit Farms

    How much demand is there for rabbit meat farmed in the UK? A business owner planning several rabbit farms says he'll now adopt a free-range system after claims of battery farming.

    Duration: 08:18

  • Back to Work

    An American entrepreneur thinks he has the answer to Britain's unemployment problem.

    Duration: 06:52

  • Energy Series: Energy Savings

    How you could shave up to 30% off your heat and power bills by using low-tech solutions. We'll give you details of schemes that will help to pay for them.

    Duration: 09:10

  • Which? 2

    The consumer campaign group's new executive director discusses how consumers can make sure they get the best deals on energy.

    Duration: 04:49

  • Outdoor Advertising

    This week's Face the Facts investigation is into missing sports advertising promised to charities at televised events. John Waite hears how the outdoor advertising business as a whole has taken off.

    Duration: 04:01


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