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Presented by Jenni Murray. Virginia Woolf's home; author Olivia Laing on her new book; new ovarian cancer guidelines; primogeniture - which queens have we missed out on?

Presented by Jenni Murray. Virginia Woolf and her husband Leonard bought Monks House in Sussex in 1919 as a holiday home. It was from there in 1941 that she set off for the river where she drowned herself. And one midsummer week nearly 70 years after her death, the writer Olivia Laing decided to walk the length of the river Ouse from source to sea. Her journey is recorded in her new book "To the River". Today NICE issue new guidance on ovarian cancer. GPs are now being advised to offer women with possible symptoms of the disease a blood test which can help with diagnosis. And we consider primogeniture, laid down in the Act of Settlement of 1701, giving men automatic preference to the throne over older women. Who are the notable queens we may have missed over three hundred years?

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  • Ovarian cancer

    NICE is advising GPs and other primary care professionals to offer women with the symptoms of the disease a blood test which can help with a quicker diagnosis.

    Duration: 10:05

  • Primogeniture

    The historian Helen Castor and writer and broadcaster Bea Campbell look at the notable queens we may have missed over the last 300 years due to the law of male primogeniture.

    Duration: 09:39

  • Monk's House

    A walk around Virginia Woolf and her husband Leonard's Sussex home.

    Duration: 14:11

  • Olivia Laing

    The writer Olivia Laing describes her walk from the source of the river Ouse to the sea

    Duration: 07:23


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