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Andrew Marr's guests include neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris, Russian writer Masha Gessen, geneticist and journalist Adam Rutherford and the Rev Lucy Winkett.

Andrew Marr's guests include the neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris, who argues that science ought to influence human morality rather than religion; the writer Masha Gessen who describes the extraordinary story of the Russian maths genius Grigori Perelman who solved a mathematical problem that had remained inscrutable for a century but refused to take the credit - or the million dollar prize; Adam Rutherford, geneticist and journalist on decoding the genome and being human and the Revd Lucy Winkett of St James's Piccadilly, London on how the religious sensibility can contribute to the 'good society'.

Producer: Elaine Lester.

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Mon 18 Apr 2011 21:30