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Sidney Lumet, Baruch Blumberg, Roger Nichols, Edith Helm and Ishbel MacAskill

Matthew Bannister on film director Sidney Lumet, Nobel Prize-winning scientist Baruch Blumberg, Steely Dan's studio engineer Roger Nichols and Gaelic singer Ishbel MacAskill.

Matthew Bannister on

The prolific film director Sidney Lumet - whose movies included Twelve Angry Men, Dog Day Afternoon and Network. We have tributes from Omar Sharif and Jenny Agutter.
The nobel prize winning scientist Baruch Blumberg, who saved millions of lives by isolating the Hepatitis B virus and developing a vaccine
Roger Nichols - the innovative studio engineer who gave Steely Dan their distinctive sound.
Edith Helm - the first woman ever to be given a kidney transplant - we speak to the donor - her twin sister.
And the "honey voiced" Gaelic singer Ishbel MacAskill.

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