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Bullmore and Macmillan - Family Tree

4 Extra Debut. Nancy knows her teenage son hates washing, but she has no idea of the consequences. Stars Mackenzie Crook and Amanda Root.

Mackenzie Crook and Amanda Root star in this magical play which was co-written by comedy writer-performer Amelia Bullmore and playwright Duncan Macmillan.

Nancy knows her teenage son doesn't like washing, but she has no idea of the strange and bewildering consequences that this lack of soap and scrubbing will lead to - and nor does Dan. As his body adjusts to a more 'natural' state, Nancy and Dan's delicate status quo is disrupted and life-changing decisions have to be made.

A funny, moving fairy tale about mums and their sons, and letting children grow and blossom into the people they want to be.

Terry ..... Mackenzie Crook
Nancy ..... Amanda Root
Storyteller ..... Dorien Thomas
Dan ..... Gareth Pierce
Reena. ..... Amelia Bullmore
Dustin ..... Simon Ludders
Fizz ..... Claire Harry

Producer: Sam Hoyle
BBC Cymru Wales.

45 minutes