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Lights Out

Episode 3 of 5

Mark Gatiss introduces Christopher Golden and Amber Benson's chilling tale of terror in a women's prison. Stars Jasmine Hyde.

A group of women prisoners try to protect themselves from a malevolent force stalking the corridors at night...

Mark Gatiss stars as sinister raconteur, The Man in Black, to introduce Christopher Golden and Amber Benson's chilling tale.

Stars Jasmine Hyde as Sarah, Vineeta Rishi as Izra, Joanna Monroe as the Guard, Leah Brotherhood as Gemma, Sally Orrock as Agnes and Deeivya Meir as the Ghosts.

More horrifying tales from The Man in Black. You might meet him at a luggage carousel in an airport, or behind the desk at an employment agency or he might approach you in the corridor of a care home. Wherever you encounter him, he's eager to pass on his stories. Stories to unsettle and horrify. Stories to haunt you.

Director: Gemma Jenkins

Made for BBC Radio 7 and first broadcast in February 2011.

30 minutes