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Irregular and undocumented workers - America's death penalty

Why does the US continue to use capital punishment when all other Western nations have abandoned it in the name of civilisation and humanity? Also, illegal workers in the UK.

Every country in the Western world has abandoned the use of capital punishment in the name of civilisation and humanity. Yet in the USA, dozens of states and the Federal Government itself continue to execute criminals for certain crimes. Laurie Taylor talks to David Garland about his investigation into the US death penalty and how America has become a peculiar exception in a world which is moving towards abolition. They are joined by former Director of Public Prosecutions, Ken (Lord) MacDonald.
Also on the programme David Whyte presents new research gathered from interviewing undocumented workers in Britain. Seven years on from the tragedy on Morecombe sands, what is the experience of illegal workers in the UK?
Producer: Charlie Taylor.

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  • Wed 23 Feb 2011 16:00
  • Mon 28 Feb 2011 00:15

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