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Working men's health practices - Plastic surgery in Brazil

Why does the Brazilian health service offer cosmetic surgery for free? Laurie explores a culture which equates health with beauty. Also, why working British men risk their health.

With a culture which equated health with beauty, Brazil has developed the biggest cosmetic surgery industry in the world. Public clinics often offer classic cosmetic procedures for free and 'La Plastica' is the realisable aim of people who can sometimes not afford the bus fair to make their consultation. How has plastic surgery become such an important part of the Brazilian culture and economy, and why is beauty seen as a 'right' for people who may not have electricity or running water. Laurie talks to Monica Figuero from Newcastle University and Alex Edmonds who's written on this subject.
Also on the programme, Alan Dolan on how working class masculine culture in Britain puts men's health at risk.
Producer: Charlie Taylor.

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  • Wed 9 Feb 2011 16:00
  • Mon 14 Feb 2011 00:15

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