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Wiring the Brain

How do parts of the brain interact? Claudia Hammond reports on the latest approaches. Including exclusive information on a new initiative for online counselling support for cancer.

Portraits of the Mind
Portraits of the Mind, is a collection of images visualizing the brain from antiquity through to the present day.

How to map the brain.

The Human Connectome Project is a major new project which will map how different areas of the brain connect to each other and help understand what makes us human.
Others say we would learn more about our minds by looking at the minute detail, at how brain cells communicate with each other within individual circuits. Gero Miesenbork the Wayneflete Professor of Physiology at Oxford University and Tim Behrens from the Human Connectome Project explain what each of these approaches can tell us about human behaviour.

Online Psychological Support for Cancer

There are 7 Maggie's Centres around the country providing a sanctuary for people with cancer, or those caring for someone with cancer. But not everyone can travel to a centre, perhaps because of distance, health reasons or work. For those people there is now a new online service which provides not only support but crucially a clinical psychologist takes part in every session.

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How to Manage Your Worries

How to Manage Your Worries

A quick and easy guide on how to cope with the things you worry about.