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Tribes, Hebrides, Visitor to Britain

John McCarthy looks at tribes with Piers Gibbon, archaeology in the Hebrides with Steven Mithen and meets a first time visitor to Britain from Tanzania, Immaculate Mwaungulu.

John McCarthy looks at endangered peoples of the world with broadcaster and traveller Piers Gibbon who has stayed with South American tribes and studied their use of plants. This has lead him to taking part in their rituals involving poisonous frog toxins.

Closer to home, hunter-gatherer tribes first inhabited the Hebrides 10,000 years ago but have left little for archaeologists to study. Professor Steven Mithen tells John how years of going there to excavate have brought him a deep appreciation of the islands and their present day people.

What kind of appreciation do visitors have of the islands of Great Britain? John talks to Immaculate Mwaungulu from Tanzania about her impressions on her first visit to the UK - including an interesting insight into tapwater.

Producer: Harry Parker.

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