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Legrenzi - The Forgotten Venetian

Lucie Skeaping explores the life and work of Giovanni Legrenzi, one of the musical stars of his day, who performed and composed in many genres in the 17th century.

The Venetian Giovanni Legrenzi was one of the musical stars of his day, performing and composing succesfully in virtually every musical genre of the 17th Century. His church sonatas were to be copied and studied by several illustrious successors including JS Bach, and Vivaldi and yet today, his legacy is forgotten. Lucie Skeaping explores the life and music of a composer who was to go on to influence not just Bach and Vivaldi, but also such masters as Handel, Scarlatti and Purcell.

1 hour

Music Played

  • Giovanni Legrenzi

    Credo from "Messa a 4 Voci e Doi Violini", from CD Giovanni Legrenzi: Concerti musicale pe

    Performers: Oficina Musicum, Riccardo Favero (conductor)

    • DYNAMIC.
    • CDS 653.
  • Maurizio Cazzati

    "Sonata à 4 in G minor, 'La Sampiera' from CD The fam'd Italian Masters: Trumpet Music fro

    Performers: The Parley of Instruments, Peter Holman (organ)

    • CDA 67359.
  • Giovanni Legrenzi

    "La Porcia" sonata and "La Valvasona" sonata from CD Giovanni Legrenzi: Sonate a due e tre

    Performers: Parnassi musici (on period instruments)

    • CPO.
    • 777 0302.
  • George Frideric Handel

    "O first created beam!" from "Samson" from CD Samson

    Performers: The Sixteen, The Symphony of Harmony and Invention, Harry Christophers (conductor)

    • 70382.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    "Fuge über ein Thema von Giovanni Legrenzi" C minor, BWV 574 from CD Bach: Complete Works

    Performer: Marie-Claire Alain (playing Van Hagerbeer / Schnitger organ in St. Laurent’s Church, Alkmaar)

    • ERATO.
    • 4509 967422.
  • Giovanni Legrenzi

    "Che fiero costume" from the opera "Eteocle e Polinice", from CD Pavarotti at Carnegie Hal

    Performers: Luciano Pavarotti and John Wustman (piano)

    • DECCA.
    • 421 5262.
  • Jean‐Baptiste Lully

    "Domine Salvum Regem" (motet for 3 sopranos) from CD Lully: Petits Motets

    Performers: Les Arts Florissants, William Christie (director & organ), Monique Zanetti (soprano), Arlette Steyer (soprano), Marie Boyer (mezzo), Eric Bellocq (theorbo), Elisabeth Matiffa (bass viol)

    • HMC 901274.
  • Giovanni Legrenzi

    "O mirandum mysterium" from "Motetti sacri a voce sola" Op.17 from CD Salve Regina: Sacred

    Performers: Robin Blaze (countertenor), The Parley of Instruments, Peter Holman (director)

    • CDA 67225.