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Empty homes: why are there a million unoccupied properties in the UK? The MD of John Lewis on Christmas spending, and all-you-can-eat: Britain's biggest restaurant opens its doors.

Empty homes: when more people than ever need affordable housing, why are there a million unoccupied homes in the UK? Are we spending too much this Christmas? The Managing Director of John Lewis tells us why his department stores are on course for record takings, despite the economic gloom. Warehouse dining: we visit Britain's biggest restaurant to find out if its all-you-can-eat model is recession-proof. And the care staff who suffer racist abuse by the elderly residents they look after. Consumer affairs with Julian Worricker.

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  • Christmas Spending

    Are we spending too much on Christmas? Latest figures suggest we're splashing the cash despite the gloomy economic outlook. The boss of John Lewis says their latest weekly sales are "stellar".

    Duration: 09:26

  • Cross-cultural care

    What happens when different cultures meet in a care homeā€¦most often when the majority of residents were born in Britain and a significant number of their carers come from abroad?

    Duration: 10:43

  • Labradoodle

    The mongral dog with the celebrity price tag - we look at the business of dog breeding.

    Duration: 08:12

  • Social Housing Reform

    Council tenants may no longer have a house for life under new reforms being announced in parliament today. Is this a step in the right direction for social housing?

    Duration: 06:05

  • Mass Eating

    Britain's biggest restaurant has just opened - with room for 800 diners, a choice of 300 dishes and the chance to 'eat all you can'. Can this kind of eating experience thrive in tough economic times?

    Duration: 08:42

  • Bi-Polar and Alcohol

    Chris Danes has bi-polar and he's been documenting his life in an audio diary for You and Yours. In the run-up to Christmas, he talks about his experiences with alcohol.

    Duration: 05:08

  • Call Set Up

    How have you been affected by Ireland's economic problems?

    Duration: 02:30


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