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Better the Devil You Know

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Reluctant arms dealer Simon has a chance to leave during an American takeover bid. Starring Darren Boyd. From November 2010.

Simon McGrath is a generally nice chap who just happens to be an arms dealer. It's not something he planned, he just fell into it, and despite all his best intentions he just doesn't seem to be able to leave because he has to pay his mortgage like everyone else.

Of course his real love is electronic music and this is just a stop gap until he finds the perfect outlet for his music - okay so the gap has lasted five years but that's not the point. Once he can get himself motivated he'll be out of there and, as his ever supportive mum says, people will always want to kill each other. So that's alright then.

This series sees Simon going to some bizarre lengths to excuse his profession: his attempt at gaining redundancy when an American firm puts in a takeover bid somehow winds up with his promotion; he desperately attempts to give himself compassion fatigue so he won't have to feel guilty about all the bloodshed in the world; he unsuccessfully tries to seek forgiveness and he finally tries to self-motivate himself to sit down in front of a keyboard to compose his electronic masterpiece.

His personal life is as unsatisfactory as his work life and not only do he and Anna have to try and find reasons why they love each other but they have to survive a visit from her parents and his mum's new job at Heathcote Sanders and, as Judith eloquently puts it, to have one member of the family working in the arms trade may be regarded as misfortune, to have two looks like genetic wickedness.

Simon McGrath ...... Darren Boyd
Anna Grieg ...... Joanna Page
Boris Kemal ...... Lewis Macleod
Judith McGrath ...... Sarah Smart
Angela McGrath ...... Brigit Forsyth
Madeleine Turnbull ...... Rachel Atkins
Charles ...... John Schwab

Written by Laurence Howarth

Produced By Dawn Ellis.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2010.

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