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Andrew Marr talks to the ethicist Mary Warnock, the American theologian Stanley Hauerwas, the humanist Raymond Tallis and the former MP and catholic convert, John Gummer.

In a special programme, Start the Week discusses morality, religion and politics. The philosopher Mary Warnock, in her latest book, Dishonest To God, argues that religion has no place in politics, and that it's a mistake to believe that religion has a monopoly on morality. To debate these issues Andrew Marr is joined by Stanley Hauerwas, named 'America's Best Theologian' by Time magazine, the philosopher, humanist and former Professor of Geriatric Medicine Raymond Tallis, and the former Conservative MP John Gummer, now Lord Deben, who converted to Catholicism in 1994.

Producer: Katy Hickman.

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Mon 18 Oct 2010 21:30