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Whatever Happened to the Sisterhood?

Women are more dependent on the state than men. The cuts will therefore hit them harder. Jo Fidgen asks why the issue has failed to trigger a feminist revolt. Is sisterhood dead?

Women will be hit disproportionately by the Budget cuts already announced by the government: A new study suggests that they will shoulder nearly three quarters of the burden, because they rely more on the state for benefits and are more likely to work in the public sector than men.

The state has reduced women's dependency on men, only to install itself as the new patriarch. If the state shrinks, it will be women who will feel the difference

Is this what generations of feminists have fought for? Where is the sisterhood now, marching on the treasury?
Jo Fidgen goes in search of modern feminism in the rubble of the economy and asks whether being a woman is no longer a political state.

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