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Why Nestle is taking legal action to protect its upmarket espresso brand, new fire engines that keep breaking down and could a DIY screw be used in NHS orthopaedic operations?

A coffee row is brewing as Nestle tries to stop its rivals producing capsules for its upmarket Nespresso machines. We'll examine this lucrative sector of the coffee market. Brand new fire engines that cost around a half million pounds but keep breaking down. Why don't they work? And could the NHS save thousands of pounds by using DIY screws in orthopaedic operations?

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Mon 13 Sep 2010 12:00


  • Tripadvisor

    Hotels begin a class action to sue over what they claim are unfair reviews.

    Duration: 08:19

  • Coffee Row

    Nestle takes legal action to protect its Nespresso brand. It’s suing the US food group Sara Lee and Ethical Coffee Company SA* for breach of copyright. *No connection to Ethical Addictions Coffee

    Duration: 12:03

  • Homeopathy

    Doctors are warning that patients could be putting their lives at risk by using so-called 'alternative vaccinations' prescribed by some homeopaths.

    Duration: 08:23

  • Care Home Rent Protest

    The GMB Union claims that a foreign investment fund is making excessive financial demands on Southern Cross, the UK’s largest independent care home operator.

    Duration: 09:03

  • Fire engines

    More than a milion pounds worth of fire fighting equipment around the country is standing idle.

    Duration: 07:16

  • Scratch cards

    The Office of Fair Trading is seeking an injunction against a company that produces scratch cards because it considers the cards misleading.

    Duration: 02:55

  • Call You and Yours

    Why Prof Danny Dorling believes that the North could suffer disproportionately from government cuts.

    Duration: 05:12


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