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Zany Guest Mix & DJ Promo Hardest Record

Two hours of hard dance & hardcore with a Zany Guest Mix & a Hardest Record from DJ Promo

Two hours of hard dance & hardcore.

This week we’ve got a Hardest Record straight from the underground. It's DJ Promo's ‘Welcome To The Terrordome’.

There's also a guest mix one of the true legends in the hardstyle scene: DJ Zany.

If your new to this style of music it originated out in Holland about 10 years ago, as a harder alternative to the UK hard house sound.

The guy Kutski's got in the mix tonight was one of the true pioneers since day one and has gone on to be one of the most in demand DJ representing the sound around world!

2 hours

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Sat 11 Sep 2010 01:00

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  • DJ Zany Guest Mix

    Hear his Hardstyle Mix for Kutski including tunes from Second ID, Noisecontrollers and Brennan Heart.

    Duration: 32:02

  • Ronald van Gelderen

    Semper Fi (John O'Callaghan Remix)

    • High Contrast.
  • UK Hard Dance Mix

    • Kamui

      Achtung (Organ Donors)

      • Approved By Jesus.
    • DJ Audy

      Welcome Back

      • Riot!.
    • Scott Attrill


      • Traffic.
    • Ambers D

      Ambers Theme (KloneZ Remix)

      • Kiddfectious.
    • Force 9

      Boomin (Wragg & Logone Remix)

      • Notorious White.
  • Omen

    Digitally Punk'd

    • Omen.
  • Andy Whitby & Klubfiller vs Cally Gage feat. Kyla

    Everything's Alright

    • Awsum.
  • Kutski’s Hardstyle Mix

    • Fausto vs BRK3


      • Excessive.
    • DJ Chuck-E & Vandall


      • Trancewarez Digital.
    • Luca Antolini vs Andrea Montorsi


      • United Styles.
    • Ivan Carsten

      The Vision

      • CDR.
    • Dutch Master

      Million Miles Away

      • Dutch Master Works.
  • Black Label DJ’s

    Black Label 20

    • Black Label.
  • DJ Zany Guest Mix

    • DJ Zany

      Angel Of The Sun

      • Fusion.
    • Second ID


      • Scantraxx.
    • Brennan Heart

      Till You Believe

      • Midify.
    • Toneshifterz Mee NitrouZ

      Origins Of Life

      • Fusion.
    • Frequencerz


      • Fusion.
    • Mike Nrg

      Lost In Dreams (Alpha Twins Remix)

      • Q Dance.
    • DJ Zany

      The Fairy Legend

      • International Hard Dance Sessions.
    • Noisecontrollers

      Yellow Minute (Alpha Twins Remix)

      • Fusion.
    • Brennan Heart

      Face The Enemy (Zany Remix)

      • Midify.
  • Bass-X

    Hardcore Disco 3

    • Shoop!.
  • The Hardest Record In The World Right Now

    • Promo

      Welcome To The Terrordome

      • The Third Movement.
  • Kutski’s UK Hardcore Mix

    • Breeze vs Micky Modelle

      Alive (feat. Stunt)

      • Futureworld.
    • Al Storm & Seduction

      The Beat Kicks

      • 24/7 Hardcore.
    • Gammer


      • Muffin Music.
    • Darwin & Ajaay

      Frequency Response

      • CDR.
    • Marc Smith

      Pump Up The Noize 2010

      • CDR.
  • The Final Track

    • Manix

      Special Request

      • Reinforced.


  • Sat 11 Sep 2010 01:00