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Sandi Toksvig discovers a new side to Switzerland with author Diccon Bewes and talks to Kate Humble about a scheme in which travellers stuff their rucksacks with much-needed items.

When people think of Switzerland they tend to think of watches, chocolate, clocks, cheese and banks. But what about the Swiss themselves? Sandi Toksvig talks to travel writer Diccon Bewes who sets out to describe the culture and customs of this notoriously private "landlocked island".

Sandi also talks to presenter and travel journalist Kate Humble who has devised a way for travellers to put spare rucksack space to good use. She has founded a charity called Stuff Your Rucksack which shows how packing supplies of much needed items like pencils, school books and maps can change the lives of people in the country you are visiting. Sandi is joined by veteran traveller Kate Booth who describes how directly delivering the contents of her rucksack to a children's charity added new meaning to her trip to Namibia.

Producer: Laura Northedge.

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  • Sat 24 Jul 2010 10:00