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London Talking

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London-born novelist Andrea Levy presents diverse and diverting mixes of voices, sounds and experiences capturing the spirit of London by night and day. From 2010.

Writer Andrea Levy presents anthologies of short pieces for radio that capturing a certain off-beat spirit of London.

Including tonight: London Talking - Steve Chandra Savale of the Asian Dub Foundation listens to the output of just two of London's hundreds of community and pirate radio stations that provide a public voice for the capital's many ethnic communities.

Plus - out of town with The Other Londons... a trip to London Apprentice, two miles south of St Austell in Cornwall. And as usual, Jonathan Glancey sticks a pin randomly into the London streetmap to find out from his famous guests just what makes that corner of the city tick Pairs in Squares.

Andrea Levy was born in London and holds the city close to her heart; her experience growing up here as a black Londoner pervades her novels and is the thread woven through this mix of the day-to-day and the nocturnal... of pieces taking a sidelong glance as well as a more direct approach. A blend of poetry and prose, of the factual and the fictional that together make up this diverse and diverting nightly series.

Andrea Levy sadly died of cancer aged 62 in February 2019.
Executive Producer: Simon Elmes

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2010.

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