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The Navy Lark: Left Hand Down A Bit, with Leslie Phillips

Leslie Phillips recalls The Navy Lark: Operation Fag End, The Hank of Heather, The Lighthouse Lark, A Deliberate Bashing, Mr Phillips at Dartmouth and The Jubilee Navy Lark.

Cast member Leslie Phillips roams the high seas of comedy, with a three-hour celebration of the long-running BBC radio favourite. Featuring: Operation Fag End (January 1959); The Hank of Heather (April 1959); The Lighthouse Lark (January 1960); A Deliberate Bashing (April 1963); Mr. Phillips at Dartmouth (October 1967); The Jubilee Navy Lark (July 1977).

The Navy Lark is almost as much of a national institution as the Navy itself. With a worldwide following, it remains one of BBC radio's most fondly remembered comedies, and continues to entertain new generations of listeners. Sub-Lieutenant Leslie Phillips welcomes you aboard the infamous HMS Troutbridge for a voyage through six classic episodes in the life and times of a legendary comic flagship.

Find out how The Navy Lark got started; discover who might have been in starring roles; learn how the cast of the radio series were invited to take large bits of a real-life ship! What other popular "Larks" appeared on radio? How did the Troutbridge crew come to be running their own TV company? How exactly did Sub-Lieutenant Phillips get through Dartmouth? All is revealed.

Produced by Martin Dempsey

Made for BBC Radio 7 and first broadcast in 2006.

3 hours

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Sat 18 May 2019 19:00