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New research indicates that people who have the eye condition Retinoblastoma may be cleverer than people without the condition. An update from the Thrive gardeners.

Cathy Yelf from the Macular Disease Society welcomes plans by Dept of Health to issue results of trials using drug Avastin on AMD. Dr Mike Tobin has been studying a group of blind people with Retinoblastoma - a form of eye cancer which usually occurs in children under 5. Dr Tobin's research indicates that Retinoblastoma people tend to be brighter and more successful than people without the condition. Dr Tobin suggests in his paper that the reason for the higher IQ and significantly higher level of intelligence is to do with the faulty Retinoblastoma gene and wants a geneticist to follow up his research.
Mani Djazmi returns to meet the Thrive gardeners to see how their plants are growing, in the hope that they will be ready and accepted for the Chelsea Flower Show.

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