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Berlin Revisited

Jez Nelson presents a concert given by Hammeriver, an ensemble featuring musicians from Australia and Europe, at Berlin's b-flat club.

Berlin Revisited

Jez Nelson presents a concert given by Hammeriver, an ensemble featuring musicians from Australia and Europe, recorded at Berlin's B-flat club. The group led by Australian harpist Clare Cooper uses different elements of Alice Coltrane's music to create new pieces that embrace techniques from electro-acoustic music, psychedelic rock and jazz.

Clare Cooper formed the first Hammeriver group in 2003 and there are now two variations, one based in Berlin the other in Sydney. This concert features Cooper alongside pianist Chris Abrahams from Australian minimalist trio The Necks, two bassists Werner Dafeldecker and Clayton Thomas, saxophonist Tobias Delius and Christof Kurzmann on electronics.

Presenter: Jez Nelson
Studio guest: Kevin le Gendre
Producers: Peggy Sutton & Joby Waldman
A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 3.

1 hour, 30 minutes

Music Played

  • Berlin CD round-up

    • Die Enttäuschung

      Rumba Brutal

      Composer: Rudi Mahall Line up: Rudi Mahall (bass clarinet), Axel Dorner (trumpet), Jan Roder (bass), Uli Jennessen (drums)

      • Die Enttäuschung 5.
      • Intakt.
    • Silke Eberhard

      I Love Every Human Being

      Composer: Silke Eberhard Line up: Silke Eberhard (clarinet), Jan Roder (bass), Kay Lübke (drums)

      • Being.
      • Jazzwerkstatt.
    • Hyperactive Kid


      Composer: Ronny Graupe Line up: Philipp Gropper (saxophone), Ronny Graupe (7 string guitar), Christian Lillinger (drums)

      • Hyperactive Kid 3.
      • Jazzwerkstatt.
  • Hammeriver recorded at the B-flat Club, Berlin on November 1, 2009

    • Untitled

      Line up: Clare Cooper (harp), Chris Abrahams (piano), Tobias Delius (clarinet and saxophone), Anat Cohavi (bass clarinet), C Spencer Yeh (violin and voice),

    • Untitled

      Clayton Thomas (double bass), Werner Dafeldecker (double bass), Christof Kurzmann (electronics), Jean Phillip Gross (electronics), Michael Zerang (drums and bells), Robbie Avenaim (drums)

    • Hammeriver

      E Weight

      Composer: Clare Cooper

    • Hammeriver

      Sugar High (Lord, Help me to be)

      Composer: Clare Cooper

    • Hammeriver

      Dark March (I Want to See You)

      Composer: Clare Cooper

  • A feature on the career of Gunter Hampel

    • Gunter Hampel Quintet


      Composer: Alexander Von Schlippenbach Line up: Gunter Hampel (flute, vibraphone), Manfred Schoof (trumet), Alexander von Schlippenbach (piano), Pierre Courbois (drums), Buschi Niebergall (bass)

      • Heartplants.
      • Saba.
    • Gunter Hampel

      We Move, Take 2

      Composer: Gunter Hampel Line up: Gunter Hampel (piano), Anthony Braxton (reeds), Jeanne Lee (voice), Willem Breuker (reeds), Arjen Gorter (bass), Steve McCall (drums)

      • The 8th July 1969.
      • Birth.
    • Gunter Hampel European Quartet


      Composer: Gunter Hampel Line up: Gunter Hampel (bass clarinet), Johannes Schleiermacher (tenor sax), Andreas Lang (bass), Bernd Oesveim (drums)

      • Transparent.
      • Birth.


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